Insect Frass

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Insect Frass is an organic fertilizer and soil amendment derived from the excrement of herbivore insects, providing high quality nutrition for plants and soils.

Insect Frass has the added benefit of acting as a natural bio-pesticide/ biological defense. Insect Frass contains high concentrations of Chitin (pronounced “Kite-in”).  When plants sense chitin concentration in the vicinity, they respond as if they are being infested and eaten by insects.  The presence of chitin triggers an "auto-immune" response in plants causing the plant to defend itself from pests and pathogens.  Plants begin to protect itself by strengthening its cell walls, producing more chute biomass (stalk and leaf material), and excreting secondary metabolites to ward off pests and pathogens.  As a natural bio-pesticide Chitin and chitosan has been recognized to help defend plants against botrytis (grey mold), powdery mildew, early and late blight, fungal pathogens in the root zone (root rot) and root-feeding nematodes.


Comes in 2lb bags.