Aurora Innovations Grey Root Pots (Without Handles)

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Reusable for three to five years, these degradable Root Pots promote vigorous root growth by allowing roots to breathe. They work great with drip lines and hydroponic flood trays. Unlike plastic pots, Root Pots are designed to break down after multiple seasons of use. Root Pots are not tapered like plastic pots, so they stand up well to strong winds and heavy harvests. Works great for hydroponic or soil gardening. Let Root Pots be your choice for containers.

1 GAL 6W x 7 1/2H
2 GAL 19 7/8W x 15 7/8H
3 GAL 9W x 8H
5 GAL 11W x 10 1/4H
7 GAL 13 7/8W x 12H
10 GAL 16W x 12H
15 GAL 17W x 15H
20 GAL 19 7/8W x 15 7/8H
25 GAL 21W x 16 1/2H
30 GAL 24W x 16 1/2H
45 GAL 27W x 18H
65 GAL 32W x 18H
100 GAL 38W x 20H
150 GAL 45W x 22H
200 GAL 50W x 24H
300 GAL 60W x 24H
400 GAL 70W x 24H
500 GAL 80W x 24H
600 GAL 90W x 24H